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My name is Valerie Szewelanczyk (pronounced Shovel-lawn-chick).   I’ve been in the fitness world for many years now and have owned Believe Fitness Center, Inc. since 2014.   Exercise comes easy to me, it’s something I really enjoy however, I’ve always struggled with finding a balance with nutrition.  This year in July I completed my second Ironman and realized I had to make some serious changes in my nutrition.  I hired a coach at SU that assigned me my daily macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) and held me accountable to them having me check in with him each week.  I’ve been tracking my food since August and have lost a lot of weight.  I feel GREAT and really wanted to help others feel the same way and learn how to break old habits and create new, healthy ones. 

Here is How the BFC Nutrition Program Works…

You sign up for the 12-week program and be assigned a coach.  You’ll have weekly check-ins via email with your coach.   They will review the information you send them, answer any questions you have and then make any adjustments to your macros they feel are needed.  You’ll work together closely to establish new habits and develop a positive relationship with food and see amazing changes with your body. 

This is not a diet!   There aren’t any foods you can’t eat on this program; however, you’ll need to make the numbers work with the macros you are assigned.  Our coaches are here to help you think outside the box and eat foods that you might not as well as teach you how to make smart choices and get the most out of each meal.  You will NOT get a meal plan from us.  We are not registered dietitians.



You’ll track and record your macronutrients consumed, sleep, weight, waist size, mood, exercise, and more on a weekly report that you’ll share with your coach.


Adjustments to Help you Succeed…

Your coach will use the data you send as well as your feedback to look for trends, anticipate roadblocks and adjust your plan and make other recommendations as needed so you’ll always be on track to hit your goals.



You’ll have access to your coach, so you’re never far from assistance and guidance. You’ll also be part of our members-only Facebook community where you can share your challenges and successes, offer and receive support, and get to know other BFC Nutrition members who are working toward similar goals.



$200.00 Members who hold a 1-year contract with us.

$300.00 Non-Members

You can sign up at the studio on 25 Stanwood St. in Brunswick.  


Reach out if you have any questions, we’re here to help you.


Q & A for BFC Nutrition


Do I have to take supplements? 


No, you should be getting everything you need from the foods you eat.   The only supplement I suggest is Vitamin D for us Maine folks since we never get enough of that. 


Do I have to eat “special” food?


No, you can eat anything you want.  You just need to make it work with your macro numbers. 


How do you come up with my macros?


There are many different things we take into consideration when we calculate your individual macros.  We will ask you for a few key things to determine what you’re numbers will be and then adjust them as you go through the program to help you meet your goals and then work on maintaining it. 


Do I have to plan my meals for the day?


YES, this is why this program is so successful!  Planning your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily is key, and then you work in snacks.


Do you give us a meal plan?


No, we are not registered dietitians but we will help you think outside the box to prepare meals and also supply you with resources so you can be successful at planning.


Do I have to weigh and measure everything I eat? 


YES during the "cut" phase of this but not so much in the "maintenance" phase.  This is another key to success with this program.  If you want to eat it you have to weigh it and track it.  


How do I track my daily food?


Personally I use the app My Fitness Pal but you can use any other app that allows you to input your meals and breaks it down for you.


Do we have a coach and how do we contact them?


Yes, you will be assigned a coach that will set up weekly check-ins via an email and a spreadsheet they will send you with your welcome package.  These check-ins are your responsibility and need to be done on the set date before 10:30am in order to get a response back with your next weeks macros in a timely manner.   You will have your coaches email address and can contact them whenever you have questions.


Is there a private members only Facebook page for the group?


Yes, we will set you up on the BFC Nutrition Members Only Facebook Page.  Here you will get lots of information that will help you along this journey.  You can post questions or share your pictures or thoughts on this page.  We will also have LIVE FB chats with coaches so you can ask questions. 


Can I drink alcohol?


You can but…When we ingest alcohol, our body treats it as a poison and does everything it can to metabolize it.  This prevents fat loss and muscle building for us for a few days.  Your body has a way of converting alcohol into usable energy, so rather than burn the nutrients already in your body from food; it prioritizes the process of converting and using alcohol for energy instead.  Normally your body burns calories all day long, but this process stops when you start drinking. 

Valerie Szewelanczyk

Owner & Coach

Believe Fitness Center, Inc.

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