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Sherry Phillips

How Believe Fitness Center changed my life…

I started coming to Believe Fitness Center in April of 2014. I had worked out many different places and was looking for a certain atmosphere that I just couldn’t seem to find. Because of this, I hadn’t worked out regularly in about 3 years.

I decided to start slow and only did TRX twice a week.  I remember not even having the strength in my hands to support myself on the straps.   Just the stretching was a struggle.    Val and her team were so sweet and helpful that it motivated me to keep coming back and with that came change.

By the fall of 2014, Val had finally convinced me to try a Spin class. I always thought nothing could be more boring than pedaling a bicycle to nowhere. Was I wrong! The music, enthusiastic instructors and the thrill of the ride had me sold again!!

So here I am a 5 years later and  strength training 2 days a week and spinning 3 days a week. I get up at 430am (430am!) every day cause I WANT TO. I can’t wait to get to class, to see my workout family and to get a little healthier every day. Val and Walter are constantly making little tweaks and adding equipment/classes to keep things interesting.

Then along came 50.   I turned 50 and, even through I was working out, my body wasn't where I wanted it.   So Val talked to me about BFC Nutrition.  I was skeptical since I'd been gaining and losing the same 15-20 pounds for 20 years but I was desperate and I had seen the amazing results she had experienced.    FINALLY!!!   Nutrition made sense.   I was shocked at what I thought was a good diet compared to what actually is a good diet.   It takes a little bit to figure it out but the support is amazing.    So many people know so many things!!!   There are constant ideas and tips.  AND I DON'T COOK!!  but it works.

So here I am, 51 and 40 pounds lighter.   I completed my first Triathlon and am about to complete my first 10K.  It's amazing how much better you feel and how much easier things are when your body doesn't hurt all the time.

“I sure am loving the feeling of being more fit and actually getting comfortable
with who I am today, inside and out.  Thanks so much for all of you support on my journey!!"

- Andrea, Member & BFC Nutrition Client

“Set yourself up for a successful day! What I’ve learned from Valerie Szewelanczyk is so empowering.”

-BFC Nutrition Client

“It’s amazing how much has changed, not just on the scale, but with my habits in general. I don’t snack unless it’s been accounted for. I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s rare that I indulge in sugary treats. Thank you for your encouragement and support!”

-BFC Nutrition Client

"WOW...week 24!! I made it!! I am feeling amazing and so proud of myself!!"

- Member & BFC Nutrition Client

I have loved this process and feel like it is making me feel so much better about myself and this journey.  Thank you for your help and positive approach to coaching me."

-Member & BFC Nutrition client

"Highly recommend everyone to check this place out...Walter and Val are awesome and make you feel totally comfortable...Loving the TRX workout!!!!"


"Love this place!! Comfortable, challenging, and inviting!! Spin and TRX are amazing & awesome coaches Val and Walter!!"


"Val's Spin classes are the best around. She and Walt are legit athletes who are fun, inspiring and relatable. Excited to be a part of this community!"


"Great class this morning Walter Szewelanczyk! Looking forward to tomorrow's TRX! Thanks Valerie Szewelanczyk for encouraging me to come! : )"


"The spin class is so unique and intimate. The TRX is also an inner experience with great coaches and a space that does not compare. I highly recommend trying it to BELIEVE in yourself."


"Did my TRX demo class last night and signed up for classes today! I'm so excited this so close by and TRX is awesome! Both Valerie & Walter were so pumped it was contagious."


Trisha Charbonneau...


In November of 2013 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I honestly didn't give it much thought at the time because the knee pain that lead to the diagnose seemed to go away as quickly as it started. It wasn't until March of this year that I was told I might need to start a chemo treatment for the RA and in order to be best prepared I  really need to be ready to make a change. A REAL change. As a mother of three very active girls and a business owner I had to call a time out and start taking care of myself. I was referred to a doctor that could help with every aspect of my life. I was at least 84lbs over weight, needed medication for my thyroid, blood pressure, and diabetes.  We laid out a plan to address my nutrition and so it started. After a month and weight starting to come off I heard that Val and Walter were opening a gym. I have known Val and Walter for a couple of years.  Some may say that made going to the gym easy. NO... I knew Val and Walter through my dad as training partners for IRONMAN. I knew I wasn't in any shape to run miles, bike for hours, swim for days, or lift huge amounts of weight.   So I reached out to Val and explained my situation. She welcomed me with open arms and explained that Believe Fitness was a place to learn the proper way to exercise and it was a judgment free zone. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities could workout together and each engage in workout custom to them.   So I was in, I signed up for a few TRX classes and before I knew it I was actually enjoying working out.  After a month or so I started to wonder about spinning class. I hesitantly signed myself up confident I was never going to keep up.  With Walter's help with fitting me to the bike, showing me how to actually spin it wasn't long before I was also enjoying this class as well.  In 16 weeks I have lost over 40lbs, come off two of my medications, made it through a recent flare up with my RA and even started running.  I have a long way to go in this journey but I am so thankful for how far I have come. YES, it is a commitment, YES it can be hard, YES there are days that I don't want to go. YES I have my moments where I would rather not "Turn it up" or "take a BIG step back". BUT there are people that believe in me when I don't believe in myself. My girls now help me pack my gym bag and ask about my workouts. If I'm not on my spin bike the "regulars" are quick to check in and Walter and Val are always there to lend an ear when it is needed most. It doesn't matter  where you are or where you want to go BFC can help you get there.  I have come a long way but still have so far to go. I am confident that I will reach my goals because Val and Walter are completely committed to this lifestyle and it makes it easier when you know there are people who are looking out for you. BFC is a one of a kind place that has made a huge impact on my health and over all wellness. I am so thankful that BFC has become a part of my life. This is just the beginning of my journey and I cant wait to see where it will take me. 


*******************************************************************************************************  Trisha started with us at BFC in April and has lost over 50 pounds between diet and exercise.  She's been up for any challenge we've thrown her way including running her first 5K in August.  We are very proud of Trisha and it's been a pleasure watching her come out of her shell and become an athlete and a great role model to her kids. Keep up the good work Trisha!!!  Valerie & Walt 

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